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PC Tech Support

Is your Windows or Mac causing you problems? Is your PC or laptop slow or unresponsive? Is there anything about your PC or laptop that does not feel right?
Just contact us and we will get your problems resolved!

Software Installation

We have all the necessary software you need to carry on your daily computing tasks.
Are you looking for a software that is not normally available? We will look for and install all the software you need.

Virus Removal

We have complete Antivirus suites and solutions to protect you from viruses, trojans and malwares. We also have latest security software updates to keep your PC and laptop safe from the risk of being infected.


PCRepairSolutions is a dynamic group of professionals that came into existence in 1984, to render quality software development services. We have provided assistance to over one hundred and fifty medium to large organizations in public and private sectors since then. PCRepairSolutions always keeps its eyes on the future requirements of its clients. We have been earnest in providing comprehensive, professional, innovative and quality solutions to meet our client’s requirements.


Here are some points on how we are the best of our work and how you can get benefit from us.

PC Experts

The team at PCRepairSolutions is highly skilled in handling any sorts of Operating System issues, PC crashes, Virus issues, Data recoveries and much more.

24x7 Available

We can take care of your PCs round the clock. Your PC will always be ready for work and you can count on us for that.

Your PC Secure and Safe

We keep a keen eye for viruses and issues that might disturb your day to day PC activities. We make sure all risks are far from your PC so you can work effectively.


Here are some services that we offer

Tech Support

Windows / Mac Repair

Antivirus / Virus Removal

Software Installation

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